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CVAQ, CHANGE, CPR say: Toxics Out Now!

Posted on Aug 15, 2011
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Cvaq-cpr-change On August 23rd, CHANGE, CVAQ (Central Valley Air Quality Coalition), and CPR (Californians for Pesticide Reform) advocates from all over the state –- urban residents from Oakland, Los Angeles and Fresno to rural residents from Earlimart, Coachella and Arvin –- are joining together to say Toxics Out Now!

Learn more and register for August 23rd. It's free!

From the air we breathe as we walk in our neighborhoods or play in our homes, to the food we feed our children and the beds we sleep on, to the many personal care products we use to wash our hands and brush our teeth, our natural and built environments are overloaded with toxic chemicals.

We are community groups, doctors, scientists, workers and consumers who support policy reforms that prevent harm before it happens. We believe that families should be safeguarded from the cumulative health impacts of toxic contaminants in our air, water, food and consumer products.These contaminants weigh most heavily on communities of color and low-income communities, who often experience the highest health disparities.

Many of these chemicals and pollutants cause asthma, heart disease and cancer or are endocrine disruptors that are linked to serious diseases, yet most of them have never been adequately tested for their health effects on people or impacts on the environment. Children and pregnant women experience some of the greatest risk because they are still developing and going through sensitive life stages.

Join CHANGE, CVAQ, and CPR on August 23rd and tell your elected officials to keep our families safe. We want Toxics Out Now!

Contact Kathryn Alcantar at 510-655-3900, x315 / kathryn@ceh.org for more information.