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Toxic Chemicals in Hollywood

Posted on Mar 2, 2010 | Comments (1)
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Bad_Actor_reportEveryone knows about the Oscars and the Razzies, but not everyone knows about some bad actors that pose real health threats. “Bad Actor Chemicals,” some of the most toxic compounds known, lurk in many common products and pollute the environment, threatening our children and families. On March 3rd, CHANGE hosted the first red carpet awards event, presenting “Toxies” to Bad Actor Chemicals.

Find out more:
  1. See The Toxies press release (pdf).
  2. Take action to retire Bad Actor Chemicals.
  3. Download the full Bad Actor report (pdf, 8mb). Includes policy recommendations, headshots and bios!
  4. See photos, video, and read more about The Toxies on PSR-LA's website.

See which chemicals win awards such as Lifetime Performance, Best Ensemble Cast, and People's Choice and send a message to California's leaders that it is time for these toxic Bad Actor Chemicals to be retired!

About The Toxies:

WHO: Presented by CHANGE (Californians for a Healthy and Green Economy), a coalition of environmental health, policy, labor, environmental justice, interfaith, and other organizations working to create a better system for regulating toxic chemicals in California.

WHERE: The Egyptian Theater. 6712 Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028.

WHEN: Wednesday, March 3, 2010. 11am.

WHY: Bad actor: One whose performance makes the viewer wince during a movie. A “Bad Actor Chemical” is similar because its harmful behavior and reactions overshadow its usefulness. Although this red carpet event takes a tongue-in-cheek approach, make no mistake about it – these Bad Actor Chemicals have deadly serious health impacts on Californians of all ages, socioeconomic class and ethnicity.

Diseases have been increasing at a staggering rate over the past several decades, along with an increased use of chemicals in our daily lives. Childhood cancers have increased 20% since 1975 and autism now is so prevalent that it is diagnosed in one out of every 110 children. Of the 85,000 chemicals in the stream of commerce, very little is known about most of them. Of those that have been studied, approximately 1,400 chemicals have known links to cancer, birth defects, reproductive harm and other health problems, but are still in use today.

The more people know about these Bad Actor Chemicals, the more they will insist that California’s Green Chemistry Initiative and related policies be strong enough to phase out these chemicals quickly, and replace them with safer products and processes.

Join us at The Toxies on March 3rd to learn more about these Bad Actor Chemicals, and watch them accept their Toxie award at this red carpet event.

Want to get involved? See the Call for Extras.

Download the The Toxies media advisory and share it with your friends.

If you're on Facebook, be sure to RSVP to the The Toxies on the CHANGE Facebook page and follow the event on Twitter. For more information or to find out how to be an extra, email info@toxies.com .

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THis event has got to be the best example of marketing by an environmental nonprofit that I have ever seen or heard about.

Well Done, CHANGE!