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Lead Wheel Weights Ban Passes CA Senate

Posted on May 18, 2009 | Comments (6)
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WheelWeight Today the California Senate voted 21 to 13 to phase out Lead wheel weights in California. SB 757 is co sponsored by CHANGE members Center for Environmental Health (CEH) and Clean Water Action (CWA). This bill bans the use of lead wheel weights in the state of California. Currently lead from wheel weights is the largest new source of lead pollution, putting 500,000 pounds of lead into our state waterways every year.

SB 757 makes lead wheel weights illegal after January 2010, removing this large source of pollution from the environment. Information on how this ban keeps Californians safer can be found on the CEH Website.

Phasing out of lead wheel weights is an important step in protecting Californians from the dangers of lead. Lead is considered by the EPA to be a persistent bioaccumulative toxic chemical (PBT)  because of its toxicity, the fact that it remains in the environment for a long time, cannot readily be destroyed, and because it builds up or accumulates in body tissue. This highly toxic metal can cause brain damage and nervous system disorders even in very small amounts. Especially at risk are young children and developing fetuses.

The European Union banned the use of lead wheel weights in 2005; and lead wheel weights are now being phased out in Japan and Korea. Currently the EPA is sponsoring a voluntary initiative to phase out lead wheel weights. While many of the major car companies are participating in this voluntary initiative, California's SB 757 would legally protect Californians from the dangers of lead wheel weights. 

The Next Step for SB 757 is the California Assembly. Stay Tuned to this blog post for updates on California's push to ban lead wheel weights.

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SB 757 will be considered in the Assembly's Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials committee on Tuesday, June 16.

SB 757 passed the Assembly's Environmental safety and Toxic Materials committee today 5-1. Next step is the Assembly's Judiciary committee.

Moving on! SB 757 just received the 6 votes it needed to move out of the Assembly's Judiciary committee. The next step is the Assembly's Appropriations committee. Watch this space for updates.

SB 757 will be heard in the Assembly's Appropriations committee on Thursday, August 24. Kevin DeLeon is the chair of the committee. You can contact him at (916) 319-2045 to let him know that this is an important bill that protects the health of Californians.

SB 757 passed out of the Assembly Appropriations committee today. On to the Assembly floor! Thanks to everyone for your advocacy on this issue.

SB 757 passed the final hurdle in the legislature and now awaits the governor's signature.